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General Update

Yeah, I suck for not posting in ages blah blah blah.... this be a general update of things, life etc.


I start with work because it is such a huge chunk of life. And it seems/seemed like a lot of non work was just trying to recover from work. The last 6 months at work have been... long. Just time wise, they have been very long. We have finally hired 2 new people and the quarterly reporting is done for a little while, so we are looking good at the moment! But it has been a bit of a shite 6-8 months prior to this! On top of the long hours, we were also pretty much production lines - couldn't really think about what we were doing or find better ways of doing it because there was no time. And that sort of a thing kinda wears you down a bit cause you feel like you are paid (crappily once the hours are taken into consideration) to just do kinda routine things and not really think. But hopefully it will get better now!


What life? =P (see above)
I haven't really had much of a life (I'm not including social things here as that will be covered later). I said ages ago I wanted to do a bunch of things, but I haven't done them yet. More recently, I've gotten over my hatred of itunes to attempt to work with it, so I've started listening to podcasts. I think I'm a podcast convert. Also, one of the advantages to the boy (see later paragraph), is that he goes to lots of cool things and invites me along! Some of the pretty cool things we have been to include a play, listening to a Jewish gypsy jazz band, Stephen Fry at the Opera House, there is a talk about cyborgs on wednesday that we are going to.... so I have been taken along to some really cool things. And I think it would be cool to pursue some of those a little more in the future =)

One thing I have been doing is some bushwalking and cliff walking (at beaches) and stuff. It's quite fun ^_^ I can't wait till it is daylight savings and I can start taking Max for walks again after work. Poor thing doesn't get enough walks.

The boy
I don't know if I've mentioned the boy on a public site yet. Anyway, there is a boy. Actually there has been for a while =P (The general response is... "Over a year?! What?! Why haven't you told me yet?!". To which my reply is "because I didn't want to, duh!"). If you are curious, check out his blog: http://anadder.com/
Anyway, I quite like him so, yes. I don't really know what else needs to be said here. (Also, chances are that anyone who reads this thing already knows =P). Ask me if you have any questions about him.


Mum has gone overseas for 5 weeks or so and so we have been left to do the housework etc. I've never realised how much time it takes. Okaii, yes, there are 6 of us home including Daniela (bro's gf) and Grandma, which is a little different to being a couple. But it takes so fucking long! We must wash like 5 loads of washing a week, and that needs to be washed, hung out, taken down, folded, ironed and put away. I only do part of this (usually on the weekends because that is when I have time), but it is still time draining. And cooking. Cooking takes ages! And cleaning (although I've only done some), too. I'm impressed with you guys out there that do all this yourself. As for me, at least it makes me appreciate mum a little more!

Andy is almost finished uni - which is exciting - so I'm curious and excited for him and his future.

The little bro is doing his HSC. If anyone has some tips on helping someone else deal with their anxiety and help motivate them when they think "What's the point, I'm going to do shit anyway", please let me know your suggestions!!

Does anyone want to attend a dance class with me?

Next post: The segment you all love... grandmaisms!

Review time!

Review time!! I've decided to go through some of my stuff and write up some mini reviews - may be particularly useful to people who may want to use some of the products reviewed.

Read more...Collapse )And for some foodie reviews...

Read more...Collapse )And some book reviews!

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And since it is past midnight, I think that is enough reviews for now!
Today I learnt that mint tea made from fresh mint is far superior to dried mint tea!

I learnt this because I was feeling sick

I was feeling sick because I went for a walk straight after lunch on a hot day because grandma had pissed me off.

Grandma had pissed me off with her marriage talk.

She was all "hurry up" etc. And she was saying that my parents should be putting pressure on my brother and Daniela to hurry up and get married (My bro just turned 25 and Daniela is younger than him). And then she was arguing that they were waiting for me because the oldest has to get married first. And then saying that I should hurry up because no one will want me when I'm over 30. Then dad chimed in backing her up, that 30 is too old, and mum joined in as well saying she saw some woman on tv saying that she wished she had gotten married before 30 (because of course we should all follow the advice of some random person on TV).

I was arguing that marriage doesn't matter, they should just care about whether their kids/grandkids are happy or not, and that these days a marriage certificate isn't the kind of guarantee that it was back when she was a girl.

When I said that I was too young to get married grandma got all affronted and said that she got married at 18 and she is fine. I was trying to explain that the majority of growth within people occurs in the early mid twenties and people can often just grow apart because they have become different people. That divorce is common in our society. That here and now in Aus is just not the same as when she was a girl in a Macedonian village.

Then dad started to chime in with how parents should pressure their kids into marriage because their kids don't know what is good for themselves yet. They don't know what is good for them but are ready to get married and start a family of their own? I don't think I have to elaborate on the stupidity of that particular statement.

I'm sure it will be lots of fun when they realise that I actually have no intentions to get married at all...

What's new?

People keep asking me "What's new" and I reply "Nothing much" because to me, nothing hugely new and shiny has happened since I last spoke to them - and hence nothing new.

But having been asked this for the 3rd time today, I stopped to think about it. Is it really true that nothing is new? And am I marginalising my life to "nothing" in believing that nothing new is happening. So, I've decided to think a bit more deeply about this question of "What's new?"

Things that are new today:
  • I got a pair of red Rubi shoes ages ago (because it was raining and my feet were wet and... well they cost something ridiculous like $10-$15.) Anyway, they are a tiny bit big, so I don't wear them heaps. So today I decided to give them a makeover. Which involved red glitter and fabric glue. The glue is still drying so we will see how it works. I think I might do an extra glue + glitter layer on top of the current one, and then possibly top with a layer of clear lacquer or something?? But, apart from those details, you know what that means guys? I have RUBY SLIPPERS!!! Oh yeah! I've actually been looking for red glitter flats in the shops for YEARS. And now hopefully I have a servicible pair ^_^ I'll post piccies once they are finished, but I'm excited!
  • I had bread and butter pickles on my sandwich for the first time. I'm confused by why they are vaguely sweet. I think I disagree with this sweet and sour business. Anyway, they weren't too bad =P
  • Mum wants to go out to a reseraunt for the first time ever... and for some reason she wants it to be a buffet. Oh mum... I need to take her out to nice food places, me thinks - although she has never shown an interest before! But then... spending more time with mum... hmm... maybe only in family situations. (Last time I spent a significant amount of time with her - while we were overseas together for 3 weeks with my little bro - almost drove me to murder).
  • I had a cup of tea... and it was kinda lame. I have decided skim or low fat milk should not be allowed near tea. It just doesn't work! I have to get the horrid taste out of my mouth now...
  • Glitter gets everywhere. And sticks.
  • Dinner is more enjoyable when someone else is paying for it =P
  • I look good with red lipstick
In the last week:
  • I discovered laksa paste can be awesome yummy stir fry paste. Mmmm....
  • Short story audio books make for good distraction when taking Max for walks
  • Walking DOES put you in a good mood afterwards!
  • Sandwiches for breakfast are probably no worse (and possibly better) than most cereal
  • You can tell clients that you will get things to them later than they want - and the world won't end.
  •  And other things which shall be populated when I am less sleepy... =P

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

In general I think New Year resolutions are pretty lame and nobody ends up sticking to them. But there still seems to be some desire to try to do something to better oneself at this point in the year. It's like you can erase the past more easily and "start fresh". In some ways this is a good thing because you aren't weighed down by the failures of the past. But it can be a bad thing too if you don't learn from those past mistakes. 

So, I'm proposing looking at previous resolutions and determining why they failed, to try and actually make them work.

Although I didn't make any official resolutions last year, there were some things I wanted to do, which I didn't do. So I thought I might look into why this didn't happen.

Take some dance classes: There were 2 main reasons this didn't happen (one of which is an "excuse" for a variety of other things. One of the reason this didn't happen is because I'm a coward and too afraid to go to a dance class by myself =P The other reason this didn't happen is because after doing a quick calculation, I worked out that I have, on average, maybe 1-1.5 hrs "free time" each day (which is not taken up by work, sleep, getting ready for work, showers, making and eating food, travelling to and from work). Addmitedly, however, dance classes would only be once a week so perhaps this wouldn't be as bad a thing as expected.

Potential ways to fix this would be to a) try to find a weekend class, b) try to convince some friends to join, c) get some courage and attend a class, d) cut out "internet and relaxation time" one work day a week.

Try to do stuff that is somewhat intellectually stimulating in an attempt to ward off brain deterioration:
This was partially successful. I have had a small amount of success with with this blog (and although I haven't really attempted any hugely challenging entries yet, I think it is still a step above watching tv!). However, I don't think I've been as successful as I wanted to be. The main reason for this is lacking a plan of attack (beyond the blogging). I think I just need to be more organised about how I plan to achieve this aim, and what it is I actually want. Perhaps I need to start reading some non fiction as well as fiction. Or reading some research articles (if they are available) on interesting areas? Perhaps finding some podcasts with some interesting views and opinions to listen to?

Get fitter: This was never really a proper aim, but it is always there in the back of my min whenever I walk up the stairs at work and am puffed out at the top. Unfortunately, the main reason this didn't occur was because a) I'm lazy, b) most exercise is boring and c) lack of free time. Potential ways to fix this would be to walk to and from the station each day (or go for a short walk during lunch on days I know I will be working late). Or just increase my activity on the weekend!

So who knows. Maybe now that I know the traps, I'll be able to avoid them better??

Who's up for some ripping hair out of skin?

One of the things I hate most about having PCOS is the facial hair. I mean, like it isn’t bad enough that it makes it harder for me to lose weight (which is no excuse, I know!), but do I have to get the icky facial hair as well?! Anyway, why the major bitch about the hair? Because I just waxed. And it hurts. However, it did prompt me to write a blog about my experiences waxing facial areas because I imagine that there is a difference in the skin fragility and also type of hair that grows on facial areas, and who knows, maybe someone out there will have cause to do some facial waxing at some point in the future.
Read more about hair removal...Collapse )

Le Randomness

Blog entry of randomness!

1) I've been doing a bit of reading about the Pill and some of its effects, and thought I would share some interesting info I came across.

This article was really informative actually, in explaining what is happening to your body when you take the pill. I've been getting a lot of breakthrough bleeding this first month and it helped put some fears to rest!

2) Oh! Violet Blue has posted her list of Sexiest Nerd/Geeks: www.tinynibbles.com/blogarchives/2009/12/top-ten-sexy-geeks-2010.html

3) Amusing: http://www.listology.com/list/ways-have-sex

4) I've been somewhat delayed in posting this entry because I've spent the last few days hanging out with Andy =) Lots of tv show watching and movies ensued! Corner gas = AWESOME! Sarcasm lovers will love it ^_^ Also, pizza made on lebanese bread = awesometastic.

5) I've been offered a full time position at work... fear of commitment kicking in. Advantages and Disadvantages??

And a proper entry once I think of something to write about!

Dec. 19th, 2009

I have a confession to make.

I decided to dye my hair black because I've been reading a book which has Snow White as a character (not the Disney version =P)

And I thought... hmm... pale skin, black hair, red lips... I could pull that off...

Lol =P

Stuff I've made

I think that since I’m a fair bit behind in my blogging, you lucky people will get 3 blogs out of me this week! (Hopefully this will make up for my laxness in the last 2 weeks!)
This first blog is going to be a bit of an examination of some of the things I’ve made. I wouldn’t call myself artistic (because I fail spectacularly at anything that requires any skill whatsoever in an artistic capacity!), but perhaps I am somewhat creative in a crafty way. I thought it might be a good idea to blog a collection of some of the things I’ve made in the past, just to get an idea of the various things I’ve tried. I've placed it behind an lj-cut because it may be picture heavy.

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